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Free online courseMarketing yourself to marketers - how to land your first digital marketing job with Diana Richardson

Make the digital marketing job hunt and interviewing process work to your advantage. In this free course, we cover all aspects of this sometimes challenging path.

Marketing yourself to marketers - how to land your first digital marketing job with Diana Richardson: Course Content

  • Lesson 1. Intro

    In this course, we're going to make all of the steps needed to find a job in digital marketing transparent and clear. What to do before starting a job search? How to win the interview? If there is a need to research a company before applying. How to prepare a digital marketing proposal for a new job opportunity. And more in our free course!

  • Lesson 2. Preparing for the Job Search

    In this lesson, you'll find out what should be in place before you move full speed ahead.

  • Lesson 3. The Job Search

    In this lesson, you'll get tips that help to make the job search process strategic and more efficient.

  • Lesson 4. The Interview

    In this lesson, Diana will share her experience on how to prepare for the interview and what should be taken into consideration while being interviewed.

  • Lesson 5. Preparing a Digital Marketing Proposal

    Learn how to prepare an amazing digital marketing proposal that will impress your potential employer and make you feel more confident and competitive.

  • Lesson 6. Follow Along and Create a Digital Marketing Proposal

    Get some practical tips and learn how to create a report with Semrush to impress your interviewer.

  • Lesson 7. Getting the Job

    In this lesson, we'll celebrate being hired and starting your new journey. You'll be well prepared for your first days and weeks on the job.

  • Lesson 8. Recap

    During the recap, we summarize all that you have learned as well as the most important aspects of conquering the challenging job search process.

8 lessons

Exclusive video lessons with Diana Richardson

1 hour

Learn all you need to know about the process of finding a digital marketing job

100% free

The course is 100% free. Use your free Semrush account to access all of the lessons!

Who is this course for?

This course was created for anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing and for those who are eager to change their job.

About the author

Hey you! I'm Diana, and I've been a digital marketer since 2006. I've also applied for digital marketing jobs and hired many, many digital marketers in that time. I can't wait for you to dive into this course and really nail this process. I'm really excited for you, because digital marketing has a vast job scope and needs a lot of talent. I know you're going to be able to find something perfect for you, because I've seen it first hand.

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