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Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path

This course series will walk you through the most common SEO tasks, like link building, keyword research, and technical and on-page optimization, and teach you how to get SEO done using less time and effort with Semrush tools. On our learning path, you’ll find everything to become a fully equipped SEO specialist!

What you will learn


Competitive Analysis and Keyword Research Course

8lessons1 hour

Learn how to take the first, most important, steps in SEO -- competitive analysis and keyword research -- with Semrush tools. These steps are indispensable in building a winning SEO strategy. Learn more.


On-Page and Technical SEO Course

7lessons1 hour

Learn how to improve and maintain your website's health, and optimize your website's content for both users and search engines with Semrush tools to rank highly and gain more online visibility. Learn more.


Link Building Course

5lessons1 hour

Learn how to build a relevant backlink profile for your website, keeping clear of bad backlinks, as well as arrange proper internal linking, all of this with Semrush tools. Learn more.


Rank Tracking Course

2lessons30 minutes

Learn how to evaluate your ongoing SEO campaign by tracking your website's online visibility, and analyzing Google's SERPs with the help of Semrush tools. Learn more.


Mobile, International, and Local SEO Course

8lessons1 hour

Learn how to optimize your website when it comes to certain search engine algorithms to rank locally, globally, and on mobile devices - all of this with Semrush tools. Learn more.


Management, Reporting, and Collaboration Course

3lessons30 minutes

Learn how to manage your projects, facilitate your team processes, and organize reporting with Semrush tools. Learn more.

Got yourself ready for the exam? Pass it and earn your certificate!

Semrush SEO Toolkit Exam

This exam is designed for SEO specialists with a knowledge of Semrush. Learn more.

27 min

See what’s inside

Every eleventh employer requires knowledge of Semrush tools

Based on Semrush Academy’s research on top required SEO skills in English-speaking countries

What’s inside the courses

Video lessons

Watch short, easy-to-digest videos full of actionable advice

Further materials

Study the specially picked materials to dive deeper

Experts’ tips

Learn from the experience of SEO professionals

Quiz questions

Test how you’ve grasped the materia

About the author

The course series was prepared by a team of skilled Semrush professionals. To provide you with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge on Semrush SEO tools, we designed it together with the creators of the SEO Toolkit, who know Semrush tools better than anyone in the world!

In the 'Get Experts' Tips' section, practicing SEO experts share their tips and real-life SEO cases to help you utilize their experience in your future work with Semrush SEO tools.


  • What is the Semrush SEO Toolkit?

    The Semrush SEO Toolkit contains over 15 tools and reports to assist you in managing every aspect of your website’s SEO. You’ll have access to the largest keyword database on the market (with over 14 billion keywords in 128 countries). You’ll also get access to backlink management tools, rank tracking, on-page SEO analysis, and a technical SEO audit tool.

    To see all of the tools in our SEO toolkit, choose “SEO Toolkit” from the drop-down at the top left menu in the interface.

  • Why is it beneficial to know how to use Semrush?

    Apart from developing your skills to become an SEO specialist? – plenty! In fact, according to our Top SEO Skills research, every seventh SEO employer across English-speaking countries requires Semrush skills. So, knowing how to use the Semrush SEO Toolkit opens the door to more job opportunities and potential salary increases.

  • What’s involved in the Semrush SEO Toolkit learning path?

    The Semrush SEO Toolkit learning path is a series of complementary courses aimed at developing your practical knowledge in using Semrush SEO tools. It contains 7 courses and a total of 36 lessons. Once you’ve completed all of the courses, you can then take the exam, which will earn you a certificate showing off your newfound SEO credentials.

  • What will I learn from the Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path?

    The Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path objectives are to help you get acquainted with Semrush tools and learn how to apply your skills to solve real-world problems. In this comprehensive suite of courses, we start with the basics of how search engines work, then move on to competitive analysis and keyword research; other courses walk you through on-page and technical SEO, and look at link building, rank tracking, and mobile and local SEO.

  • Who is the Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path for?

    If you’re an SEO professional and want to learn how to make your everyday work easier, then this suite of courses is for you. Taking these courses and exams will also help demonstrate your advanced skills and investment in your own knowledge, which are sure to impress your existing or future employer.

  • How long will it take?

    For the complete learning path, we estimate it will take around 6½ hours of learning. This can be broken up into smaller chunks by studying a single course in one session (usually taking around 1 hour), or condensed into potentially a single day of learning. Ultimately, how long it takes to complete the learning path courses is up to you. There are no time limits, so your learning is completely flexible.

  • Is there an order in which I should take the courses on the Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path?

    Not really, although we’d recommend taking the SEO Overview Course first to give you a grounding in the Semrush Toolkit before moving on to the other units.

  • Will my access to the courses on the Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path expire?

    No. Once you’ve enrolled in any of the courses under this pathway, your access will never expire. We believe in allowing you to study and learn at your own pace, which is why we offer unlimited time to advance through each course after enrollment.

  • How do I get certified?

    The Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path has a single exam, which is based on the content and your learning from the 7 courses within this learning path. In order to get certified, you’ll need to take and pass the exam. The great thing is that once you have your certificate you can share it on social media, and add it to your CV and LinkedIn profile to show off your Semrush SEO toolkit mastery.

    It’s important to note that as the Semrush SEO Toolkit is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends and technological advances, you’ll have to renew your certification every year in order to stay certified.

  • How do I renew my certificate for the Semrush SEO Toolkit?

    It’s really easy to get recertified. Once your existing certificate is due to expire, simply re-enroll and take the courses on this pathway, and then retake the exam. Once you’ve passed the exam, you’ll receive your new certificate.

  • Are the courses on the Semrush SEO Toolkit Learning Path free?

    Yes, all of the courses are 100% free, and you have unlimited access once enrolled.

  • Is it free to take the exam for the Semrush SEO Toolkit?

    Yes! There are no fees for taking the exam.

  • Is it free to get recertified for the Semrush SEO Toolkit?

    Yes. All you have to do is retake the courses and exam in order to get a new certificate.

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