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Marketing Manager | SEMrush

Marketing Manager

Saint Petersburg, Russia

The SEMrush Affiliate Program is looking for a Marketing Manager capable of communicating complex ideas to thousands of marketing experts worldwide and involving them in the company’s life. We will rely on you to manage all channels of mass communication and deliver sophisticated ideas to all members of our affiliate program in a clear, comprehensive, fun, and friendly manner.


  • Manage the program’s mass communication channels - as a Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for all the mass communication channels of the SEMrush Affiliate Program, including Facebook, Twitter, mass mailings, and more.
  • Community management - you will be in charge of developing the SEMrush affiliate community by communicating with its members, posting regular updates, and launching campaigns;
  • PR & reviews - you will work on increasing awareness of the SEMrush Affiliate Program, attracting new affiliates to the program, and improving the program’s brand perception;
  • Campaigns - you will be responsible for designing, launching, supporting, and analysing motivational campaigns for SEMrush affiliates. This will include coming up with campaign ideas, creating or ordering all the necessary content, finding ways to increase affiliate involvement, and reporting on the results;
  • New tools for affiliates - you will cooperate with designers, developers, content writers, and other teams to create unique content that our affiliates can use.


  • Excellent written and good spoken English is a must - you will be communicating with affiliate marketers from all over the world, so a good proficiency in English is a must, with additional languages being welcome as well;
  • Understanding of digital marketing is vital - you will launch, support, and analyze campaigns targeted at industry experts, so being able to handle digital marketing instruments confidently is a must;
  • Writing skills & a passion for writing - as a Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for most of the content created for the members of the affiliate program; this content will include everything from tweets to mass mailings, articles, and newsletters;
  • SaaS experience is a big plus - you will need to understand the needs, expectations, and preferences of SEMrush’s clients in your work, so previous experience in a SaaS company will be helpful;
  • Efficient communication - SEMrush is an agile company with a flat structure; in your work, you will need to communicate with other teams efficiently, transparently, and swiftly.

We offer:

  • A career in a rapidly growing IT company;
  • Official employment according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation with “white salary”;
  • Flexible working day starts (between 9.00 and 12.00 am) with 5 working days (Mon-Fr);
  • Comfortable and cosy office space;
  • Friendly colleagues;
  • Corporate education (trainings, seminars, conferences);
  • Fitness compensation (up to 50%);
  • Medical insurance.

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