App Center: The Marketing Apps You Need, All in One Place

May 19, 2021image


Digital marketing professionals are often burdened with a huge number of challenging tasks, requiring the use of a wide range of tools available on the market. Testing all of them to find the most suitable one can take ages, time you don’t always have. 

We know about this struggle perfectly well as our main mission has always been creating a unified platform to cover marketers’ many workflows and simplify their routine. 

Today, we’re about to take another step towards enhancing the Semrush ecosystem. Please meet the Semrush App Center – a marketplace where Semrush clients can easily find hand-picked marketing solutions to perform various marketing tasks. Each app featured within the App Center is selected by Semrush, ensuring quality and reliability, as well as exclusive deals. 

What Is It About?

Semrush App Center includes products developed by the Semrush team and third-party vendors. We carefully select each app and add-on to make sure they will contribute to your marketing needs. Moreover, the third-party vendors offer a special set of features at an exclusive price only for Semrush clients. 


We are thrilled to partner with some of the best digital marketing developers to offer powerful products that integrate with and augment Semrush’s own features to help our users step up their digital marketing game.
— Eugene Levin

To get access to the Semrush App Center you just need any Semrush paid account, and to make your experience more flexible, we’ve added the ability to subscribe to each app via a separate subscription. 

All products are designed to seamlessly interoperate with Semrush services. The Semrush interface, which you’re familiar with, will save you time and make your daily routine simpler.  

What Apps Are Available Now?

Currently, there are seven products you can already use.

  • Video Rank Tracker – an app to easily check the YouTube ranking for your top keywords that are the most crucial for your business growth.
  • E-commerce Keywords Analytics – an app that provides in-depth keyword analysis and helps to pinpoint which keywords bring the highest impact to understand shoppers' demand patterns.
  • Instant Banner Generator – an app that uses a specially developed algorithm to auto-generate banners for social media campaigns which you can use for your marketing campaigns. 
  • Mobile App Insights – an app that offers all the essential keyword tools and competitor insights to fine-tune your Google Play and App Store optimization strategy and maximize your visibility.
  • Semrush .Trends – a special package that helps businesses to reveal market trends and competitive digital insights — for any website, industry, or market for 190 countries.
  • Semrush Growth Kit - an agency-tailored set of tools aimed at inbound lead generation, client management and reporting automation.
  • Semrush Local – a smart solution for businesses to nail local SEO, outperform local competitors, and easily manage their online reputation.


The platform has just been launched, and we are planning to add handy new apps gradually. More useful features are to be added soon! 

Let us know if you’d like to have any specific apps added to the App Center and share your feedback with us at