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My Reports tool

Agency Growth Kit: A New Toolset to Boost Your Agency Results

Thousands of marketing and SEO agencies already use SEMrush to deliver outstanding results to their clients. And we’re always doing our best to help them along the way.

We’re happy to present the Agency Growth Kit - the first SEMrush agency-tailored add-on helping our users find, win and retain more clients! Read more...

Agency Growth Kit

Neue Google-Ads-Widgets in Meine Berichte

Google Ads ist eine der leistungsstärksten Anzeigenplattformen, wenn es darum geht, punktgenau die richtige Nachfrage zu bedienen. Wenn Sie Multi-Channel-Marketing für Ihr Unternehmen betreiben, führt daran kein Weg vorbei. "Nützlichere und präzisere Daten!" – das war schon immer zentrales Mantra bei SEMrush. Daher war dieses Update nur eine Frage der Zeit. Weiterlesen …Meine Berichte banner


Meine Berichte: Teilen Sie Ihre Vorlagen

Das beste Teamwork leisten häufig Menschen, die unabhängig voneinander auf gemeinsame Ziele hinarbeiten. Mit einer neuen Funktion in Meine Berichte können Sie die Zusammenarbeit an Ihren SEMrush-Projekten jetzt noch besser organisieren: Teilen Sie Ihre Berichtsvorlagen mit anderen Nutzern. Weiterlesen …SEMrush: Meine Berichte: Teilen Sie Ihre Vorlagen bild 1


Automatisieren Sie Ihre monatliche Konkurrenzanalyse mit einer neuen Vorlage in meinen Berichten

Mit der neuen Competitor Analysis Vorlage in Meine Berichte, erledigen Sie diese Aufgabe in wenigen Klicks und verbringen keine zusätzliche Minute mit sich wiederholenden Aufgaben. Weiterlesen …

SEMrush: Automatisieren Sie Ihre monatliche Konkurrenzanalyse mit einer neuen Vorlage in meinen Berichten bild 1


Position Tracking: Export the Landscape Report to PDF

Welcome to our regular column, ‘You wanted it, you got it.’ More and more users are finding the Position Tracking tool extremely profitable and useful, so it’s no surprise that we're getting a lot of requests to improve its functionality, including the export feature. Read more...

PT banner

Get Your Google My Business Insights in a Personalized Report

If you want your company to be found online by your target audience, you’ll need to use Google My Business. With SEMrush you can now create a Google My Business report to collect all your GMB insights about your local business listing and key metrics in one place. Read more... 

Google My Business Data in My Reports banner

Google Search Console Data in My Reports

SEMrush’s very own My Reports service is developing constantly as we keep adding new data sources so that you can create perfect analytical reports. And the new source we’ve recently added is a really special one. It’s been a long time coming, and finally you’re able to add to your reports the widgets providing data from Google Search Console – an indispensable tool for marketers. Read more...My reports GSC banner

Google Analytics Data in My Reports

We at SEMrush believe that statistics should be gathered from different sources so your data is as objective as possible. With this in mind, we keep integrating data from rock-solid sources that you and your clients are very familiar with into our tools. Read more...

My Reports Google Analytics Widget banner

Find Widgets for Your Scheduled Reports More Easily

The My Reports tool helps marketing specialists gather all the necessary data into one customized report and share it with their bosses and clients. This tool really saves time by updating information automatically. We at SEMrush keep embedding new widgets into the Report Builder to make your reports more rich and detailed. The good news is that you can now collect your favorite widgets in one place and easily find any widget in the search bar! Read more...SEMrush: Find Widgets for Your Scheduled Reports More Easily bild 1

My Reports: Pictures Inserting

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on our multi-functional report builder, which is designed to merge all of your various data into one report – thank you! However, it’s time to make our tool more incredible! Read more... 

SEMrush: My Reports: Pictures Inserting bild 1