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SEO Writing Assistant

SEO Writing Assistant: New Design. Improved Functionality

Believe it or not, our highly acclaimed super feature for content writers is now even better! The SEO Writing Assistant has undergone some significant changes that will enhance your content writing and analyzing experience. Let’s get to them now. Read more...SWA news banner

SEO Writing Assistant: Tone of Voice

‘It’s not what you say, it's how you say it,’ right? Well, both points matter, though you have to know exactly in what way you should write killer content so that it appeals to its target audience. It’s still easy to get lost on the way from what you know to what you write. Our new feature in SEO Writing Assistant will solve this issue. Read more...

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Checking for Plagiarism in Google Docs

Original content is the key to attracting readers’ attention. Moreover, Google doesn’t tolerate scraped or automatically generated content and may remove it entirely from the search results. Read more...

Plagiarism checker

SEO Writing Assistant – Ihr unverzichtbarer Content-Helfer

Content-Marketer, Kreative, Content-Strategen … Manchmal werden die Content-Baustellen einfach zu viel. Kurztexte oder Langartikel, E-Mails oder Blogposts müssen rechtzeitig fertig sein und trotzdem Ihren hohen Qualitätsmaßstäben gerecht werden. Weiterlesen …

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