Keyword Magic Tool: New Databases

May 11, 2017image

We are proud to expand our Keyword Magic tool — a tool for in-depth keyword research — with new databases, which you asked us for the most.

The current keyword database now contains:

  • Austria - 24 million keywords
  • Portugal - 22 million keywords
  • New Zealand - 6 million keywords
  • Chile - 28 million keyword
  • Colombia - 58 million keywords
  • Ecuador - 17 million keyword
  • Peru - 21 million keywords

We also keep updating our existing databases, to be exact:

  • Brazil with 130 million keywords
  • France and United States with 100 million keywords each
  • Italy with 50 million keywords
  • Germany, UK and Spain with 40 million keywords each
  • The rest of our country databases with at least 10 million keywords each

Now our total number of keywords exceeds 2.3 billion!

Let us know if you’d like to have other databases added to the Keyword Magic tool, and send your comments to Stay tuned, as more updates are coming!