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December 29, 2022image

Never run a weak ad headline again thanks to Headline Optimizer, new to the Semrush App Center.


What Is Headline Optimizer?

Headline Optimizer by Poll the People tests your Google Ads headlines to ensure you’re only running the best ones.

How do you know they’re the best? Because you can rely on the app’s straightforward A/B testing and authentic feedback from a panel of human testers. And you can accomplish this all in just a few clicks.

Headline Optimizer enables you to:

  • Spend less time testing and more time converting
  • Improve your marketing or advertising ROI
  • Get high-quality feedback from a panel of human testers
  • Use AI to generate headline ideas quickly and easily

How It Works

Generating and testing headlines with Headline Optimizer is simple.

First, enter a keyword relevant to your ad and click “search.”


Next, choose your top two favorite headlines from the list and customize them as much as you want.


Finally, choose your test audience and start getting high-quality feedback right away, often in mere minutes.


It’s that simple!

Start Testing Your Ads

Both free and paid versions of Headline Optimizer are available through the Semrush App Center.

Free: Use AI to generate three headlines per day, and run three A/B tests per month using your own panel of testers.

Paid ($65/month): Gain access to:

  • Unlimited AI-generated headlines
  • Access to a panel of 100 paid testers to give you feedback
  • Unlimited tests per month (using a paid panel or your own followers)

In-app add-on: 100 testers not quite enough? Expand your testing panel and access an additional 100 reviewers for only $50.

Empower your PPC strategies with your most compelling headlines that are tried and tested—not by robots, but by real humans.

Get real human feedback on your ads

Try Headline Optimizer today

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