Semrush Academy Answers Small Business Marketing Challenges In New Marketing Analysis Course

September 13, 2022image

BOSTONSemrush (NYSE: SEMR), a leading online visibility management SaaS platform, launched today a new Marketing Analysis course on its Academy platform, which features best-in-class marketing experts from across the industry. The free, 10-lesson course teaches business owners and beginner marketers to analyze their market and competitors, shape a deeper understanding of their audience, and construct a data-driven marketing strategy.

The way people work has transformed in the last two years. More people are starting their own businesses, whether as a fulltime pursuit or as a "side hustle." Semrush developed the Marketing Analysis course to help these solopreneurs and entrepreneurs get the critical skills they need to grow their business quickly and effectively.


With so much to do, entrepreneurs-turned-marketers are looking for ways to stand out and grow their businesses—in a Semrush survey of 284 small business owners and marketers, 64% of respondents said that they struggle to find the time and resources to focus on marketing. Another 51% indicated that a lack of clear marketing strategy and objectives affected their success.


“While there is no shortage of free marketing courses, they tend to center on passive instruction. If we know that SMBs aren’t getting the results they want from their marketing, these courses just aren’t going to cut it,” said Fernando Angulo, Senior Market Research Manager at Semrush. “To be successful at anything, you need to practice. Our answer to this is the Marketing Analysis course, which gives you the Information you need to develop a marketing strategy and a platform to apply it in the real world.” 

The Marketing Analysis course includes 10 lessons that take 10 to 15 minutes each to complete. New users who complete the course will also receive 60 days of free access to the .Trends toolkit, which they can use to practice the skills they learned and create their own data-driven marketing strategy.


People are redefining how and where they work, so online marketing education must evolve to meet the needs of modern business owners and beginner marketers—and the future generations of marketers to come. Everyone can be a marketer now, and Semrush Academy can support their learning. The Marketing Analysis course is a major step in that direction.

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The Marketing Analysis course is available today on the Semrush Academy platform, alongside a brand new YouTube video series from industry expert Wes McDowell, as well as through Skillshare and Udemy.

To learn more about the course or get started with Semrush Academy, click here. 


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