Social Media Tool: Usability Update

June 24, 2016image

Meet the new functionality update for the Social Media tool — a big one! Our analytical methods are now extremely convenient and helpful.

Let’s not beat around the bush: we’re going to take a look at the updated elements:

Competitors Comparison table for the Audience report:

  • The table now has the same viewing options as a similar table on "Overview"
  • Numbers, showing audience can now be viewed in absolute values, which provides more realistic and accurate conclusions
  • Numerical values are now much larger in size and placed one under another, which allows for easier comparison
  • The sorting interface has been changed
  • Analyzed companies are now listed one under another for an easier read
  • You can now switch from one company to another by clicking on a company name in the Comparison chart


The upper table of the Engagement report:

  • A visual distribution of engagement by engagement type has been added
  • An outgoing link to a corresponding social profile has been added to allow for quick navigation to an original profile
  • Numerical data on engagement types is now presented in a table view
  • Engagement values are now displayed one under another (it's easier to compare numbers this way)
  • Absolute change values have been added, in order to show which type of engagement has changed the most


Сompetition comparison charts in the Overview, Audience and Engagement reports: A Hide button has been added:

If among the added competitors one is dominating, it may be difficult to see how the rest of your competitors are compared. Now there's a way to disable such competitors from the view – just use the Hide button.


"Engagement" report: competitors comparison table has been added:

  • Change in engagement is now viewed in absolute values
  • Numerical data became larger in size
  • Sorting interface has been changed
  • Analyzed companies are now displayed one under another
  • Easily switch from one company to another by clicking on a company name


Be sure to check it out and get your analytical data faster than before.  

Our tool has been updated according to your feedback, so please continue making SEMrush better by emailing us at 

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