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Content Shake

ContentShake AI

ContentShake: All-in-one content writing tool

Create Unique Content That Clicks with Your Customers

Use ContentShake to get content ideas, write articles faster with AI, optimize copy using competitive market data, and publish directly to your blog.

Get all the ingredients to discover your brand story

Stress-free way to create excellent content, step by step

Content marketing can really lift your business, but what if you don`t want to work on it day and night? With ContentShake, your content writing will be simple and smooth.

Get content ideas

Create and optimize

Share and publish

Get dozens of resonating content ideas for your blog posts

Boost your topical expertise with AI and powerful data

You don`t need to become a content marketing expert overnight. ContentShake will take over the heavy lifting and help you grow your brand.

Get actionable, data-driven tips and content ideas

Get content ideas and recommendations for your blog posts based on competitive insights and questions your audience asks online.

Get actionable, data-driven tips and content ideas
Publishing directly on WordPress

Write and optimize your copy with ease using AI

Save time on creating engaging content: Build article outlines in one click and use AI features to rewrite, simplify, and expand your text.

Publish your content to WordPress in one click

Write and optimize your articles in the tool and send them directly to your WordPress blog. Instantly publish as many articles as you want.

Publish your content to WordPress in one click


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Grow your business with simple yet powerful content marketing

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