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What is Engagement Score in ImpactHero?

What is Engagement Score in ImpactHero?

Engagement Score in ImpactHero shows you how interesting the article is to users and how well they read it. It can be seen as a metric that accounts for the scrolling depth and the speed of reading by a ratio of the length of the article.

We use our own metric as we found that traditional metrics such as bounce rate and time on page don’t tell the full story when it comes to user engagement. This is why we’ve created an engagement score that takes into account multiple engagement metrics.

How We Calculate It 

We take into account how deep the user scrolls the page, the length of the article, the time it takes the user to scroll through it, and the average reading speed.

  1. First we determine whether it is a content page or not
  2. Separate the content from the rest of the page
  3. Calculate the content length in characters
  4. Check how long it took the user to scroll to the end of the content
  5. Calculate the score based on the average reading speed
  6. Determine the average for all page visitors over the specified period of time

If we could not determine that a certain page is a content page, we take its length equal to the length of the entire page (i.e. the header, footer, etc.) If the whole article is a content page then your Engagement Score can almost always be viewed as 100% accurate.

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