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How to Find Relevant Topics with Good SEO Potential

How to Find Relevant Topics with Good SEO Potential

Finding efficient topics relevant to your audience can be a real struggle for any digital marketing specialist—you have to research your target readership, competitors’ content, topic popularity and much more.

Organic traffic is one of the most important goals for content creators, therefore you should keep SEO in mind when creating a piece of copy. A topic with good SEO potential has high volume and low difficulty, as it’s popular among your audience and is not very competitive.

Using the Topic Research tool and its proprietary metric Topic efficiency, you can collect a list of efficient topics entirely focused on your audience’s needs and interests. 

How can this be done?

  • First, go to the Topic Research tool and enter a general topic you have in mind.
  • Next, select your location up to a city level and click on the ‘Get content ideas’ button.
  • Go to the ‘Cards’ section and prioritize topics by topic efficiency.

topic efficiency

  • Click on each card to check top-shared headlines and questions on a topic.
  • Send the best headlines and questions to your ‘Favorites’ (subtopics will be added automatically).

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Next Steps

When you have a list of subtopics, headlines and questions in the ‘Favorites’ tab, next, you can start creating content for these topics:

  • Use subtopics as a high volume keyword you want to focus your future content on (use it in title, h1, meta-description, etc.).
  • Use or slightly modify titles for your article.
  • Select the most relevant questions and answer them in your article. 

To simplify your workflow, Topic Research also allows you to:

  • Create an SEO-optimized brief for your future article - get actionable SEO recommendations for your future article, find recommended keywords to add to your text, suggested word count for a particular piece of copy, websites to get backlinks from, and more.
  • Export your favorite topics in an XLS file.
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